"Elevayta FreEq Boy" VST plug-in

"Elevayta FreEq Boy" VST plug-in 5.02

FreEq Boy- Freehand Equalization.A unique feature of FreEq Boy...

FreEq Boy- Freehand Equalization. A unique feature of FreEq Boy is that it allows freehand drawing of EQ curves using the mouse. This can be done simultaneously, for both stereo channels, or independently for each channel.

An additional feature is that FreEq Boyallows the user to save EQ curves and merge saved EQ curves from different audio sources. In this way it is possible to apply the EQ curve from one audio source onto another.

Key Features. Draw EQ curves completely freely using the mouse. See the audio signal conform in real-time. ;Continuous band; spectrum analyzer. Capture, save and merge EQ curves from different audio sources.

Independent, or linked, left and right channel EQ curves. High res. FFT convolution engine provides exact EQ curves with infinitely sharp transitions.

Eliminate/Boost specific frequencies with pinpoint precision. Store/Retrieve individual EQ curves. Freely adjust display baseline. Freely adjust EQ limits.

Simple to use - just point and shoot. Latency compensated. Additional Features. FreEq Boyautomatically saves the current configuration, including EQ curve, and reloads it upon startup.

Automatic gain adjustment, when capturing and merging EQ curves, prevents excessive volume levels. Frequency probe function for isolating specific frequencies.

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"Elevayta FreEq Boy" VST plug-in


"Elevayta FreEq Boy" VST plug-in 5.02